Inside I felt empty...
It felt little cold...
My dreams by now have turned so old...
Its left untouched,safe somewhere..
In my heart inside...
No one is there to follow me now...
And there is no one to guide... ... ...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

And You The Clown & I The Fool!

And I the fool or you the clown
We both are but performers.
I fool around;
You make the crowd
Laugh out really-really loud.
We both are efficient in being
Deceptive and pretentious,
With our respective pride and honor.
You make weird faces
Painted in colorful hue -
You hide the heart
Painted by the fate, so blue!
I show them all, how well
I can define stupidity,
And they trust me all
And never do they doubt
The ‘stupid’ heart’s audacity!
They know not how well I know
I find it fun, to never show.
But I the fool and you the clown
Let us perform no more
After sun-down.
Let us put away the make up
Of cosmetic smile.
Let us unmask then tuck our faces
In each other’s heart this while.
But if the clown in you denies
To let it show,
And if the fool’s heart in mine
Denies, to let go-
Let you be the fool
And I be the clown this while.
Let you know it all
In the heart flaunting foolishness;
And I flaunt my tears in smile!