Inside I felt empty...
It felt little cold...
My dreams by now have turned so old...
Its left untouched,safe somewhere..
In my heart inside...
No one is there to follow me now...
And there is no one to guide... ... ...

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Smile For You...

No, not the first time
I have felt it before,
The chill in my heart
Of stagnant fear, lonely smile.
No I am not trying to hide my tears,
Tears I know not…
But a sweaty fear
Would often tickle the back of my ear,
Reminding me of the gesture
Of a beloved.
Yesterday when I woke up
In the middle of my sleeplessness
I felt the chill again,
But that didn’t take away the smile
You always wished to see,
That couldn’t make me someone
Other than me.
And thus when the morning showed
I smiled, the smile I flaunt
With all my vacant pride.
But an intense thirst
Suffocates the heart.
How I wish the winter rains would come.
How I wish I don’t have to let in the sun.
My darkened heart just need no rays,
Darkness soothes me, suits me the best.
No, not your fault, but
The fate I accuse.
Feeling complete for a while
Being your muse.
What can I wish for
But a smile to see
In the lips I so wish to kiss,
The poet who gladdened this
Heart trapped in me!!!
It does hurt but little
When I wear on the smile,
Tears I gave away, coz'
A glimpse of it might just
Break your heart this while!

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